For Businesses

We provide the total expat care package for businesses. Always professional with a personal touch, we aim to make living in The Netherlands easy for your employees.

Our goal is to provide a total solution for all your needs.


Weelde Wonen’s solution offers include:

-        Custom tailored packages designed to fit to company policy and budget

-        Saving time and money by focusing all of your housing related costs in one monthly bill

-        Access to an extensive network (real estate agents, investors, etc.)

-        Planning and executing viewings

-        Negotiating rental fees

-        Ensuring leaser checks

-        Simplifying the process by providing a single point of contact

-        Airport pick-up service

-        Setting up bank accounts

-        Registering with the city

-        Taking care of all family related requirements (day care, bicycles, etc.)

-        Being an active source of information for employees at all times  


Please contact us for further information

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Tel :       023-2024605












Weelde Wonen deelt graag haar ervaringen, adviezen en visie over de ontwikkelingen binnen de Huurmarkt. Wil je werken als Expat in Nederland? Lees zelf geschreven blogs van Expats in Nederland. Onderwerpen als evenementen en maatschappelijk ondernemen komen ook aan bod.